UX Design Intern at Walmart

Competitive Analysis, UI Animations, Survey, User Interviews


Principle, Invision, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop


June to August 2017 (12 Weeks)




Transaction Team (Walmart.com)


In the summer of 2017, I worked as a User Experience Design intern at Walmart, San Bruno. Let me walk you through my experience of the challenging, fun-filled, mind-blowing 12 weeks of my internship.



I was part of the Transaction Team which consisted of POS, Cart, Checkout and My account within Walmart.com. Below is the user flow for the same. Although there were several areas, I was focused on designing the gifting experience possibly after customers move to checkout. It was a new project and I was given more responsibilities on making my own decisions. I worked alongside designers, content strategists, user researcher and a product intern.

I was the designer as well as the researcher for this project since I wanted to get some experience in conducting research in industry. Thanks to the Senior Researcher Vidya Vaidyanathan who helped me thoroughly and taught me nuisances of user research related questions.


I worked on a main project and some very small projects. The main project involved designing the experience of gifting after customers decide to add an item to cart. Gifting is crucial to Walmart since from our user research we concluded that over 2% of overall Walmart customers were unhappy due to no option for gifting and many felt that it would be nice to have though not necessarily disappointing to them. The project was supposed to significantly help during the holiday season. For this I collaborated with the Product, Transportation, Logistics and Customer Care team members to understand aspects of the ecommerce chain and determine the feasibility for the project. I also worked on some exploratory animations for checkout in mobile. I also did some Competitor Analysis for the checkout process in whole.


The first and foremost challenge was to learn how to navigate the work environment and interact with different teammates. This was my first experience working at a large corporation and it took some time to adapt.

The next challenge was to effectively collaborate and bring everyone to the same page. Since this was a new project and as such there was no person in charge it was hard to gather more information. I had to communicate with different teams to get them interested in meeting me and sharing what they know. It was time consuming and confusing for a while but with my peer’s help I was able to get that ball rolling. During this time, I learnt a great deal as how to communicate and get the work done. Since I was in exploratory mode I picked up a new tool to animate a prototype with Principle. This way I could present different design variations in 2 days.

The final challenge was the actual design itself. I had no idea designing a single experience took so much of work going back and forth. From the business perspective checkout was enormously important and making a significant change required a lot of thoughtful analysis and decisions. I worked with the item page team and my team to decide “Where should the experience start from?” The one thing I constantly did was to ask tons of questions, be it in the meetings and 1-1 sessions and keep a record of everything. Since user testing was a very integral component and all the work went through extensive user testing. I along with a senior researcher decided to conduct a cafe study to test the usability.

What did I learn?

Overall, I felt that I have learned and applied design thinking more than any other place in such a short span of time. This was an incredible opportunity given to me and I am thankful to everyone who helped me succeed.

  • I felt greater confidence to present my work and get feedback.
  • I learned to process all feedback and be selective about implementation.
  • Survey writing for is harder and requires time otherwise we will end up with answers we already knew.
  • Content design is very crucial to overall UX.

That’s me at the Intern welcome event :)