A little bit about myself.

I am a user experience designer at Intuitive Surgical working on a Learning Management System. Previously, I interned at Walmart Labs where I worked on designing a gifting experience in their checkout flow.

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics from San Jose State University in May 2018. I also have a Design Communication and Arts certificate from UCLA.

Before embarking on the Experience Design wagon, I worked as a Landscape Designer for more than 3 years in a multi-disciplinary team on multiple residence and institutional projects. My past experience in design thinking combined with understanding of human psychology has helped me visualize that any design is a problem solving exercise the end goal of which is to reduce ambiguity and create delightful experiences for users.

In my spare time I like exploring the 600 hikes in Bay Area, hang out at Bubble tea shops and make awesome Indian Food.

"UX Design is like making a recipe. You might have your own version but in the end the ingredients need to work together or nobody will eat it."

My Skills

Interaction Design

Through my design I strive to find and achieve a symmetry between different components. I try to to create a balance between function and form by combining intuitive design and efficiency of use.

User Research & Usability

User research is an integral part of my design process. It constantly challenges my bias and assumptions as a designer and keeps me grounded.


It makes me focus and be aware of everything in the given moment. With photography I am forced to see things in a different perspective and that is amazing.


I have been cooking since the age of 13 and it is no less than an adventure. The best part is that I get to try new things everyday.